Modern design with experience and market trends

Vanes is well known among distributors worldwide for its fresh, dynamic and modern designs. These designs stem from our commitment to important activities such as researching and tracking market trends to find products that our target audience wants.

Design From Experience And Skills

We work closely with you through professional consulting to select the right material and application area. Optimize your vision and help you
find the right solution.

Starting from a simple sketch on paper, each carefully crafted milling cutter is forged to bring your vision to life. With our help, we can find a
design that achieves your goals within your budget.

Participate In Custom Services

VANES's experts provide expert insight and advice on all aspects of your idea, eliminating possible flaws in the design.

As we study your concept, your preferred materials, coating-, number of edges, dimensions, etc. are all considered and discussed. At the end of the process, we can provide you with a design for your product.

Accurately Describe Your Designs

The state-of-the-art equipment in our factory ensures that your custom
tooling mortgage tools are produced to your specifications.

The VANES factory has more than 50 top-quality five-axis, five-link
machines from Switzerland and Germany, more than 40 full and
semi-automatic machines, and more than 30 inspections and measuring
machines. The production team has the necessary tools to help you
expand your aura.

4 Hassle-Free Steps to Customize Your Product


The design team carefully studies your concept. Experienced members of our design team advise on appropriate materials, dimensions, coatings, and other details that fit well with the initial sketch.

OEM Solutions

VANES will customize a free sample of your product based on the final design and send it to you. This sample can help you decide on any changes before you take the final step.

Batch Production

After receiving the deposit, we proceed to produce your customized milling cutter product tools through our production line.


Your completed order will be correctly packaged in your custom packaging and shipped to you via a trusted logistics company.

That's Enough About Us.